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About Us

  1. The data controller of this website is Buttons Accounting Limited (“Buttons”),  UK registered company number 05969671, ICO registration Z342542X.

You can contact us:

– by writing to us at Prospect House, 11 Western Road, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 7AS,

– by emailing us at info@buttonsaccounting.co.uk

– by phoning us on 01566 779111

About data collected from our website

  1. Our website may collect data from you in two ways:

(1) Cookies –

These are very small files which are transferred from our website to your computer and relay information about you back to our website.  They give us useful information about how you found our website, what things about our website did and didn’t interest you and where you were in the world when you visited the site.

We do not process the information obtained from cookies other than in the format of anonymous statistical information, but we do take notice of this information to make the website better for you and other users in the future.

You can disable cookies on your computer, but doing so may stop our website from functioning properly for you.

(2) Information which you give us –

On the Contact Us page of our website we invite you to provide your name and email address, and we provide a box where you can set out a query.

When you hit the submit button, we then receive a copy of that information.

We process this information primarily to answer your query but also because you may decide you want to receive ongoing information from us or because you decide you want to become a client of Buttons.  But, if neither of these things happen, in the normal course of events, your details will be retained by us for a short while, and then will be subject to routine In-box data cleansing.  We may hold your contact details for a longer period if:

(a) Your query and our response is of particular pertinence and interest to Buttons Accounting Ltd in the formulation of its internal policies, and advice to clients, you are an existing client or supplier of ours and/or we need to retain the details as evidence in legal proceedings or are required to retain it by law or by a regulator;

(b) You subsequently consent to receive marketing materials (including newsletters, updates etc) from Buttons Accounting Ltd; or

(c) You become a client of Buttons Accounting Ltd.

About contact data collected from other sources

  1. We may collect, process and store information about you received from various sources other than our website: e.g.

(1) where the information collected identifies a business and not an individual
(2) consented contact data acquired from reputable data suppliers
(3) where you have contacted us by an alternative means (e.g. phone).

We hold and process the above information for marketing purposes (i.e. to persuade you to become a client of Buttons) and to deliver our services as an accountancy business (i.e. where you are a client of or supplier to Buttons or are connected with a client or supplier of Buttons).  Information held only for marketing purposes is subject to on-going review and is deleted when we consider it to be out of date and unnecessary to retain.

Legal Basis for Processing

4. Save for 3(1) above, all marketing information held about you by Buttons is held and processed by us because you expressly consent to us holding and processing it, usually within the particular paragraphs of this privacy policy. When you become a client of Buttons, information about you is held and processed by us because the processing is necessary for the performance by us of a contract to which you are party and because the processing is necessary for compliance with legal and professional obligations to which Buttons is subject:-  we are likely to need to retain information in accordance with the requirements of tax and accounting authorities.

Your Data Protection Rights

5. Where Buttons holds information about you solely for marketing purposes, we will always respect your rights under the UK and European Data Protection Law. These rights include:

(a) a right to know whether we hold information about you, what information we hold about you and why we hold it.

(b) a right to withdraw consent to the processing of your data by Buttons.

(c) a right to request from us rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing as well as the right to data portability

These rights are exercisable by contacting us in any of the ways suggested above. If we hold data about you because you are an existing client or former client of ours, then there may be some limitation on the data protection rights mentioned above attributable to our legal and professional obligations as an accountancy firm, but we would hope never to send marketing material to you if you have told us you do not want to receive it.

If you believe that Buttons has breached the terms of this Privacy Policy or are otherwise unhappy at how we have used your personal data, you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office on-line: at: https://ico.org.uk/concerns/handling/ or by writing to:

Information Commissioner’s Office,
Wycliffe House, Water Lane,
Wilmslow, SK9 5AF